It is one of those things we have been wanting to do since we bought the house and it is also something I have dreaded doing since we bought the house. Either way, the light blue/gray and tan colors were something that needed to change and it was going to have to take quite a bit of work to get it done. I thought about calling someone out to do it, but I knew Syd and I could get it done ourselves without too much trouble. We knew it would require special paint for the vinyl and we had already chosen a paint for the other siding from Home Depot. We tested the Home Depot paint upstairs around the door and decided that it was going to look good with the white accents.



We did a bit of painting around the shop door and that was about it for the first day.


I decided to tackle the bottom half of the house first. This would be easy since I could reach the bottom half and I had my trusty airless sprayer.


I prepped the sprayer and took one of the gallon containers and purged the system to get ready to paint. I decided to do the side and the back at the same time since Syd was upstairs on the deck power washing it.


Here is the back of the house before the paint. You can also see the rotten pain-in-the-ass door that I took out from the back of the house next to the table.


Once Sydney was done power washing, she took some of the special vinyl paint (from Sherwin Williams) and began painting the vinyl so we could see the color match. The guy at Sherwin Williams worked on the paint for a while trying to match the color. You can’t tell a difference until you paint one on top of the other. Even then, you have to look close to be able to tell. It was good enough for us.


I sprayed the side and rear of the house and then came to the front to brush on the bottom half paint. It already looks a ton better than the gray/blue. At this point, Sydney had already painted the trim around the garage door white. The contrast from the door to the white paint looks pretty good.


Here is the side of the house. I made the mistake and went too fast. You can even see in this picture that the coat is light. I ended up having to use another half gallon to go over all of this side and thicken up the paint. It looks much better now.


Here is the back of the house painted. Looking good, but will look much better with the tan painted white.


Next up was removing the plastic unpainted (I still don’t understand this…) shutters from the windows. When I began pulling them off, it was obvious that I would need to power wash the entire upper half of the house. Yay….


Rather than move the ladder around the house, I decided to build some scaffolding…

I used some old pallet wood from work and stood it up on end and then started building another one.


I then built a platform to move around the house to place on top of the scaffolding. I was feeling pretty good about this at this point.


That was until I actually placed the platform on top of the scaffolding. It was rickety and since I already don’t like heights, I did not like the feel of it. That look from Syd is just annoyance in the fact that I even attempted this; she obviously didn’t even like the idea from the beginning.


So back to square one. Using the ladder all around the house to remove the shutters and begin power washing.

IMG_20150816_104614831 IMG_20150816_104621121_HDR

Here is the state of the house at the end of day 2. Everything is washed and ready for paint.


I don’t have any during pictures, but just imagine me going up and down a ladder 400 times and painting everything the best that my amateur abilities could do. It worked, but I rushed it, it was hot, I’m still not very good at it (keeping the proper distance and a consistent speed), and I was trying to just get off of the ladder as fast as possible.


You can see some wet spots where the paint stayed a bit longer than anticipated. The good news is that everything dried well and it looks great.



The bad news is that I got paint on my solar screens and I don’t know how to get it off….yet.


I did this side last and I was very tired. On the walk up the ladder to paint to the left of the window, I had to adjust my gun and I managed to spray right in the center of the screen. Sydney laughed and I almost decided to just spray the entire screen since I was so angry. Luckily, I just lived with it and continued painting and finished everything. You’ll notice that I did not paint right next to the window. I taped the rest of the windows off, but the two bedroom windows were too large for me to tape off so I just winged it. And that is why I’m going to have to replace the screen….again.




We have a lot of touch ups to do, but the house looks completely different and I think it looks much better than it used to. This house has taken so much of our time, but we are so much happier living here than how we felt when we first moved in. It is a bit small, but it is ours and has been completely redone. I just can’t wait to see the finished product. Hopefully, everyone else will feel the same as me. Actually, I don’t care. I like it, that is what matters.