Blah blah blah, busy, etc…..

I’ve made progress on the deck, though it isn’t finished…still, and it has finally been put back together.

This is where I left off with the deck. Testing my sealing capabilities. We did end up with one small leak after a big storm, but a little sealant fixed it and we haven’t had any leaks since.


Since I added the slope, I had to ‘suspend’ the inlet for the deck going to the door. I used to have 2x8s holding everything, but I didn’t have the room so I had to go with 2x6s. I ended up getting two 2x6s and creating a beam and mounted all of that to the 4x6s next to the house.


The biggest issue I had was drilling in that small space. I borrowed this right angle drill from work and it worked perfectly. I will add this to my necessary tool list…


While I was working on everything upstairs and downstairs, the dog was busy enjoying the weather. I had to admit, it was a beautiful day to be working outside. I love winter.


I purchased some angle brackets from Home Depot and cut them down to fit the 2×6 beam. I ended up having to drill an extra hole and I had a guy at work add some weld points to it to strengthen it. I could have welded it myself, but he cut it as well and he did a much better job than I would have.


I used small lag bolts to secure the angle brackets to the 2×6 beam. Everything is strong, but not as strong as I wanted.


I added some bracing between the beam and the 2×8 that is over further away from the door.


It still wasn’t secure enough, so I added even more bracing. To be honest, I should have continued under the entire deck, but I ran out of wood and didn’t feel like driving all the way to buy more. Laziness won out.


I bought a 1x1x8′ aluminum square tube to support the deck boards and used a right angle bit to get it all secure. I could stand on this tube without it flexing too much. Again, good enough for me.


I reattached all of the boards (a good solid 2 hours of drilling) and everything looked much better.


I drilled pilot holes into the aluminum tube and drilled stainless exterior screws into it.


Next on the list was sanding down the handrails. Syd bought me this orbital sander and I finally was able to use it. I sanded down a bit and still have quite a bit to go. I need a more aggressive grit of sandpaper. Plus, I need Syd to do this. This is too monotonous of work…


Another thing on the list was fixing the gutter leak. I bought some crazy silver sealant and I tried fixing this leak while everything was wet and it didn’t work too well. Once everything is dry, I will try applying the sealant again.


Every morning we have this spot from the dew off of the roof. I wish the guy would have done a better job when he did the gutters. Oh well, you get what you pay for.



As always, I have a ton of things done and have a lot to post, so hopefully over this Christmas break, I’ll finally be able to catch up to posting and get everything updated.