Not only have we been busy, but we have also been finally making decisions. It has come down to finally deciding whether we would continue with the original plan of building the other house, or turning it into a shop and then building a new house in the future. We finally came to the conclusion that we should finish what we started and build the house that we designed (plans are finished and ready) and start on it soon. Luckily for us, we only have a few projects left to finish before we can start the other house. Either way, we are going to work on the big house and it should be starting soon.

Until then, it is time to push hard and finish the rest of the projects. This includes the deck, the shop, the minor details in the little house, and add more animals to our ever growing animal family. Since one of these will help complete some of the others, we figured it was the shop that needed to be finished.

I started with finishing the insulation in the ceiling and then beginning to install the OSB on the ceiling.


Some of the 2x12s have wider spans than the one next to it, so I had to improvise and use twine to hold up some of the batts. It still worked.


I used a drywall lift to get the boards up since I was doing it by myself. It was totally worth the investment. This one is from Harbor Freight and did its job without issue.


Here I am showing the twine I used to secure up the batts. A lot of the batts had to be secured up. I also cut around the blue boxes housing the power for the much needed lighting that will be going up once we paint.


Going off of that project, I wanted to get the 10×10 area going and get my toilet installed. I began the framing for the toilet area. I planned a 4 foot wide, by 6 foot deep toilet room. I framed the door at an angle so I didn’t take up so much room.


Miley helped with the framing, and since this is her room, I figured I would not lock her out.


I framed up the front separately so I could ensure the door framing would fit. These were purchased 2x4s since the last used 2x4s were all bowed and I wanted this to be built as accurately as I could manage.


I bought a standard size door that matched the rest of the doors in the shop. I went with a skinnier door so I could take up as little room as possible.


I framed out for the door on the sides and then shimmed it all to fit the door.


I then framed above the door and ensured everything was secure and then mounted it all. A door handle was installed later. Now all it needs is some light, walls, paint, a toilet, and flooring and it will be all done.


Obviously I did what was easiest and what needed to be done with the framing exposed. I wanted a light and fan in the toilet room, a light in the rest of the 10×10 area, and then I wanted to add a couple outlets (for the fridge and any other device I might need near the sink).


I ran a new line into the panel and wired up a new 20amp breaker. I hate the mess in the box, but it isn’t something I want to worry about at this house. I will just make up for it in the next house.


Here is the light above the rest of the 10×10 area. I just want a standard 60watt bulb here since I don’t need to light up much.


Here is the light and the fan installed in the toilet room. I bought the cheapest fan since I don’t care about noise and it works fairly well enough. At least it works well enough for the shop.


I wanted to access the lights/fan from the outside, right when you walk into the room, so I combined all of the wiring down to the small framed area.


The wiring to the fan was just laid over the ceiling framing and then the vent was installed going directly outside.


When the weather was nice, after being stuck in the shop, I wanted to go out and do some physical labor. What was on the list? Way too many things to list, but this is something I have wanted to do since we moved here. These rocks (that were part of a fence) still needed to be moved from the top of the driveway.


After 2 trips loading up the truck, I was left with a blank spot that will look much better once it is mowed.


I used buckets to move the rocks to the truck bed and then left them in the buckets to then move them out of the truck to the shed. The entire shed is now surrounded by rocks. Of course I don’t have a picture of it, but it looks great.


Due to the long list of items to finish, we will be very busy and will continue to work until we can get started on the house. I have a lot to post and will do my best to.