The Shop has slowly progressed, but as is my life motto, priorities always change. Either way, I have made progress, but at a rate that I can’t stand, but will have to live with. If only I could have won that 1.5 billion lottery….

Anyways, insulation was step one. I was able to get the installation almost finished. I need to open a new bag and finish the last section below the laundry room.


If you noticed in the picture above that there is a 10/2 orange wire hanging next to the metal pole. This will be my 220v hookup for the future table saw. When I say future table saw, I actually own the table saw (purchased a year and a half ago), but I just haven’t had time to work on it. It needs a lot of TLC to get it up to par, but it is a Delta Unisaw and was the best of the best back in the day. Either way, I needed 220v over to where it would be setup and I had a 220v run partially done for when the dryer was down in the shop. I installed a metal box and ran the rest of the wire over to the pole.


Here is the 220v plug that will be going down next to the metal pole. This will make it easy to unplug the saw and role it out of the way if I ever need to.


Since I was in the mood to wire, I went ahead and completed everything in the 10×10 room. I had to move the 12/2 through the studs above the dog door. Stupid dog door has been a pain my ass, but it has been the best idea for the dog to keep her out of the weather. She loves it.


I installed the two switches for the light and the fan in the little toilet room. I tested both and they both work like I planned, which is expected since this is like my 100th light switch to wire up…


I’m almost out of room in my panel. I should have all of the electrical I can handle as of right now. It’s actually time to install electrical in the other house. I’m itching to install more electrical wire and breakers.


I now have 3 total outlets in the 10×10 room. This one is for the fridge. Once I move the water heater out of the way and install the tankless water heater, I will have the fridge next to the sink and will have quite a bit more room in the….room.


I put an outlet above the sink since it made sense. I might change this out to a GFCI to make me feel better.


I only installed one light in the room, but it should be sufficient for washing hands and grabbing a beer. That is mainly all I will be doing in there.


Once all of the electrical was done, I really needed to get the OSB installed and closer to a finished state. I finished up on the wall up to the door (for the most part) and then moved onto the ceiling.


Using my trusty Harbor Freight drywall lift, I managed to get a few more pieces onto the ceiling.


I didn’t bother with cutting the light holes out ahead of time. I figured I would come back with the dremel and my new dremel bit to cut the holes out. I just wanted to get the insulation covered up. I was so tired of seeing insulation.


Since the joists are not evenly spaced I didn’t get to put the boards up like I had hoped and had to do double the work to get things to sit right. They still don’t sit perfect, but it is still so much better than insulation slowly falling from the ceiling.


I then went around and cut the holes out for the lights. I planned 7 more lights along this corridor. It should be plenty for what I’m doing. It is probably more than I need, but I didn’t want to have to go back and install more. That would have been a waste of time…


Everything installed up to the door on the ceiling. I still need to fill in the small gap in the ceiling with some thinner stripped OSB.


Once all of that is done, it is time for the walls to be finished and then I can finally paint. I’m dying to have this shop done. It has taken double the amount of time I thought it would and it is cutting into other projects, like getting goats, building the other house, etc.