Obviously we have been busy. Not posting for two months should mean that we have been so busy that I don’t have time to post. The truth is that I got tired of posting and was just trying to focus on doing the projects. I’m noticing now, that I like posting so I can update friends and family, and so I can document what I’ve done. So it is back to posting for me. Luckily, I will be posting on some new things coming soon that are really exciting and they are things we have been planning for over two years.

The shop has actually been put on hold (for finishing), but it is close to being done and I will get back to it very soon. Either way, here are some updated pictures of progress made on the walls and ceiling.

I cut out the outlets for the lights (all seven of them). I used a new dremel bit made for cutting OSB and plywood and it made cutting the holes much quicker.IMG_20151213_173917567

Once the ceilings were done, I began on the long wall.


Framing around the door was easy, but the walls are not level (of course) and the ceiling is lower in the parts I didn’t replace the wall framing (of course).


Since the ceiling is 9 foot wide, I had to add a 1 foot strip of OSB along the other pieces. I ended up adding bracing in certain spots to prevent the OSB from sagging over time.



The door framed OSB would need cutouts for the light switches.


Measured and marked.


The two left switches are for the outside flood lights and the outside accent lights. The right switch is for the garage side of the shop, and the open spot is for the long part of the shop.


Drilled out the corners and then used a jigsaw to cut the holes.


Mounted up without too much issue. Everything is looking way better and the whole shop feels quieter and nicer without the insulation showing.


Since I’m installing a toilet in the shop, I needed a vent. I cut a 3 inch hole in the side under the soffit.


I added a small vent and caulked it in place.


I don’t have a picture of the fan ducting installed, but you can see where the vent is. It ended up being pretty close.


The last place that needed OSB was the back corner. I ripped out the old crappy insulation and put in the R38 insulation.


I cut a piece of OSB to fit and mounted it up.


The rest of the OSB went up pretty easily


Here is the last of the OSB up on the walls.



Now it is time for paint in the shop and then focus on the 10×10 area with toilet and everything else. I will be posting a little out of order and a lot of things are happening here right now, so, hopefully (as always), I’ll have more stuff to post and will keep you guys updated.