There are still things going on here, but we have moved onto other things. So for the time being. I’m going to post some pictures of things that I’ve already done and give a brief explanation of things. I’m too excited about the new projects that I’m ready to start posting about them.

Since the gate is up and working properly, it was time to get the Raspberry Pi installed and controlling the gate from anywhere. To do this, I needed to install a wifi antenna to ensure I could see the Pi from the house.


So I got a 12 foot steel pole and dug a 2 foot deep hole and cemented it in. It was supported with 2x4s and tied off to the trees around.


Gotta love the rocky soil… only took me an hour to dig.


Two bags of concrete and it is nice and solid.


I figured I would try and install the new toilet in the shop but I needed to finish part of the walls, and that meant the insulation needed to be installed.


Insulation up. Ready for toilet install.


Next up on the list, the paint on the walls of the shop.


We used water based primer this time and applied an entire coat throughout. It was horrible.



It’s pretty obvious that we had a long ways to go…



Here is after two coats of paint. It was a giant pain again, but it looks much better and is much brighter in the shop. Now I just need to finish all of the lights in this side of the shop.



While we were painting, we decided to go ahead and burn. I love having a burn pile. It is so convenient. Too bad it is already full again and it is almost summer. I’ll need to burn it before it gets too dry out here.


There is a lot more to come, as always, I will do my best to keep up with everything.